Monte Alban & Oaxaca city travel diary

Oaxaca is most famous for its Indigenous art/culture, colorful buildings and Mesoamerican ruins! As a jewelry artist & boho style lover, Oaxaca was just heaven for me! I had spent so much time (I would say all of the time in Oaxaca City) wandering around local art and craft markets (and drove my husband and kid crazy). Few of the things I recommend to get for sure are hand woven plastic bags(must buy), hats, leather belts and hand embroidered items. Prices for these items in Oaxaca City are much lower than Mexico city. I really...really... regretted not getting everything I wanted from Oaxaca City! We were going to go to Puerto Escondido and also Mexico City after Oaxaca, so I thought I will get few things from other places too! But that was not a right decision. In conclusion, if you are art/craft lover then Oaxaca City is your destination. I feel like Oaxaca is an indigenous art capital of Mexico!

Mercado de ArtesanĂ­as Oaxaca

We only had 2 days in Oaxaca, out of which I spent my one day for shopping and second day we took a trip to Ancient pyramid ruin site in Monte Alban. Monte Alban is a huge archaeological site in Oaxaca with many monuments in good condition. You can climb up on some of the pyramids and appreciate the views of this magnificent site. My entire family (especially my son) had a great time hiking up the pyramids and exploring the entire area.

monte alban archaeological site
monte alban archaeological site